Why Nourish?

To nourish means to supply with what is necessary for life, health and growth.  And while obviously this applies to the food we eat and is very important, I feel that this also applies to how we live our lives. It has to do with the choices we make, the priorities we set and how we feed our soul.

I started this blog to not just inspire others, but really to inspire myself. While sewing is the main theme of my blog and it definitely nourishes that creative side of me, I still wish to be inspired in other aspects of my life.

I aspire to live a well-nourished life; in fact it is becoming a passion of mine, but it is difficult in this crazy world with so much to distract us.

So I thought that maybe getting a little deeper than clothes and sewing every once in a while could help inspire me to live the life of value that I want, and help others too. So, I am adding this lifestyle section to my blog called “nourish” where I would like to explore different aspects of living a well-nourished life.  This will include topics such as:  minimalism, simple living,  self-improvement and others.15.03.31 NOURISH 2I have been working on these things in my life for some time now, some of which I have failed miserably at, especially the topics of self-improvement. But I wish to continue growing in these areas in order to live a life of value.

So if you are with me, let’s get started on this journey of living a nourished life.

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