Dress To Scarf Refashion

Well, we made it back to Florida and it is going to be sometime I think before we get fully adjusted.  But I do have a quick post for you today.

Remember the cute little floral summer dress that I decided to let go of?  The dress was a little too short for me and I didn’t feel comfortable in it anymore, but, I loved the fabric and decided to turn it into a scarf.

floral dress

And here it is!

infinity scarfWhat I love about this scarf is that it is so lightweight.  It’s a cotton fabric in a beautiful white, blue and red floral print and I think it will be perfect in Florida during the cooler months.  Florida rarely get’s cold enough to wear very heavy scarves, so this one will be perfect.

All I had to do was cut the skirt off of the dress underneath the waistband.  I was left with a very jagged edge down the one side so I measured from the other side over and created a straight even line then trimmed off the jagged edge.  Then all I had to do was fold the raw end under twice, press, pin and sew a straight line, creating a little hem.

This will work with any dress or skirt that doesn’t have a zipper or pockets in the way.

infinity scarf infinity scarfI love the colors in this fabric and I am so glad that I got to repurpose the dress I never wear into something I will get a lot of use out of.

A Midi Clemence Skirt

black midi clemence skirtI know, I know!  I just made a black Clemence skirt! But I promise you I am not going crazy, nor am I trying to build up a wardrobe full of black Clemence skirts.

I made this skirt because I knew that the other Clemence skirt I made was not going to be all that comfortable during the hot and humid summer as the material was of a heavier weight. But  I wanted a black skirt to wear as I feel that a black skirt is a great wardrobe staple so I decided to make another in a material that would be more flowy and comfortable for hot days.

Originally, I was going to make a Zinnia, but after washing and drying my fabric it shrank incredibly, and there was simply not enough fabric to pull off a Zinnia.  So I decided to go with a Clemence.
black midi clemence skirt black midi clemence skirtThis time I decided to make it into a midi length so I added about 3 inches to the length of my original pattern.  Then I also made the waistband smaller so that the final waistband size ended up being 1.5 inches.  I also made the waistband slightly larger so that the skirt could sit closer to my hips and have a lot more ease for comfort.

I love how just using different fabric and making small changes to a pattern can create a completely different looking piece.black midi clemence skirt black midi clemence skirtThere was a time when I would have thought that this midi length was too grandma looking, even for a modest girl like me.  For the longest time I always wore knee length skirts.  But now I’m really liking this length.  Not for every skirt, but for some variety it’s nice.

How do you feel about midi skirts?  Got any in the making?

Jeans to Shorts Refashion

I was looking at the cost of shorts online the other day and they cost almost the same amount as jeans and yet they have much less fabric.  I thought this was just crazy and one of those things in life I will never quite understand.

So instead of spending my money on a new pair of shorts I decided to save my money and turn an old pair of jeans into denim shorts.jeans to denim shorts refashion before and afterWhat a difference huh?! I love how they turned out!

I basically made these the same way that I did the capris to shorts refashion a while back.  This time I wanted the shorts to be longer so I made sure the final in-seam was at 5 inches.

jeans to denim shorts refashion jeans to denim shorts refashion

I wasn’t sure originally if I would include these in my summer wardrobe.  I thought I would make them for going to the beach or something like that.  Now, I think I am going to include them in my summer wardrobe because I think I would actually get a lot of use out of these.  So you just may be seeing these soon.

Who knows, if the weather is terribly hot when we get back to Florida, I may update my spring wardrobe with these guys.

I actually think that I am going to be changing out many items in my current spring capsule once I get back to Florida, so I definitely will be doing an updated post to share that with you all.

What I love the most about these shorts is the length.  They are very long and I feel so comfortable in them.  However, if I want to make them a little shorter I can easily do that by rolling them up.

So here are the shorts at their full length:

jeans to denim shorts refashion

And here is how they look rolled up once:jeans to denim shorts refashion

And here they are rolled up twice:
jeans to denim shorts refashion

I am super excited to have these shorts and that I was able to repurpose an old pair of jeans.  I love how learning to sew is giving me the opportunity to create a wardrobe I love but also save money and repurpose old things.

Have you ever repurposed old jeans to shorts?

Make Time To Recharge

B-120126-0002One beautiful day, some time ago, my husband and I decided to pack some cheese and crackers and a bottle of wine and head to a park nearby for a little picnic.

The sky was blue. There was a beautiful breeze. And as the sun set it cast a lovely golden hue on everything. I remember feeling so at peace.

Life can be very mundane at times. There are things we do because we have to. And yes it is important to learn how to enjoy the mundane of everyday (which is a topic for another time.) However, it is also important to escape from the mundane every so often and enjoy life.

I’m not talking about exciting, expensive vacations or excursions. I’m simply talking about creating moments of enjoyment, whether big or small, to recharge and create meaningful memories.

B-120126-0042Sometimes we tend to get tired, life gets stressful, and to “recharge” we veg out in front of the TV (or in our case the computer) watching a movie while over-consuming unhealthy food. Sure it’s something mindless that can distract us from our realities, but usually it leaves us filling empty. And in the end we haven’t created any memories, we’ve just wasted time.

My husband and I want to stop wasting so much of our time and life and instead plan things that truly can recharge us, like getting away for the day and exploring somewhere new, or taking a long walk down a scenic path, or even just making a delicious meal and eating it outdoors as the sun sets.

It doesn’t need to be anything crazy exciting. As long as it truly leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to go on with everyday life, then it’s served its purpose, like that picnic in the park.

B-120126-0018So in order to start making this a part of our life, we have decided to at least schedule one new activity into each month that we could enjoy together to recharge and create more meaningful memories to look back on.

However, we also would like to focus on replacing less meaningful activities like watching movies with other activities that can truly leave us feeling refreshed throughout the week.

I really want to start living a life of value.  One that is centered more around enjoying the outdoors and time with family and close friends.  But if left to chance, often we miss out on these moments so I feel it is important to start scheduling this into our life.

So what do you do to recharge and create more meaningful memories in your life?

A Zinnia

Zinnia by colette patterns I am so excited to finally, finally, FINALLY be able to share a sewing project!  It has been a while since I have.  Things have been very busy for us around here, and a part of me has lacked the motivation to do anything, but I finally got this Zinnia skirt done.

Everything went fine with this skirt until I got to the button holes.  For some reason I was having a terrible time with the button-hole attachment for my machine.  After much fussing with the settings, I realized it must have been a tension issue as when I lowered the tension it seemed to take care of the problem.

I have decided that I really don’t like buttons!  I’d much rather install an invisible zip.  Anyone else feel the same?

Anyway, here is the finished skirt!
Zinnia by colette patterns B-150420-0281

Fabric:  A lightweight material in whiskey.  (I’ve been very bad at trying to find out what the material I purchase here in Ecuador is made of guys, sorry.  Hopefully that will change when I get back to the States.)

Pattern:  Zinnia by Colette Patterns version 1 in size 2.

Changes:  I used the in-seam pockets that are in version 2 instead of the patch pocket that is in version 1.
Zinnia by colette patterns I searched around a bit for buttons.  I was close to buying some dark brown ones, but then the last shop I went into had buttons in the same whiskey color as the fabric, which is what I wanted to begin with so I am really glad I didn’t give up in my search.

Zinnia by colette patterns Ultimately, this was a simple skirt to make and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  (Honestly my gathers could have been a lot better but oh well.)  I love the buttons in the front of this version but I also would like to make the other versions in the future.

What I like most about this skirt is the color.  I had been wanting a whiskey colored skirt for some time now so I finally have it!

I think I will be including this skirt in my summer wardrobe but I really think it would look so cute with tights and brogues in the fall and winter so ultimately this is going to be a great multi-use skirt.

My plan is when we move to Florida to switch out some items in my current spring capsule, as the weather is going to be pretty warm when we arrive, so I think I will be switching out one of my skirts with this one as I can’t wait to wear it!

Chambray Shirt 4 Ways

CHAMBRAY SHIRT 4 WAYSOne of my favorite pieces in my capsule wardrobe is my chambray shirt.  It is a great staple piece and is very versatile.  I love the soft blue color and since it is so lightweight this one can be used all year-long.  I could even use it as a cover-up in the summer for indoors when the AC is cold or going to the beach.

So I thought I would share with you all the different ways I like to wear my chambray shirt with my spring capsule.

For a bit more dressy look, It looks great with a classic high-waist gathered black skirt and wedges.CHAMBRAY SHIRTOne of my favorite ways to wear it is under my red lace sweater, with dark-wash skinny-jeans, and a statement necklace.  I love the way the red looks with the soft blue and this is a great date night outfit.

CHAMBRAY SHIRTThen for a bit more casual look I like it partially tucked in to some fitted jeans and paired with comfy sandals.

CHAMBRAY SHIRTAnd last here it is paired with a printed skirt and flats for a dressy-casual look.

CHAMBRAY SHIRTOne of the important things with creating a capsule wardrobe is having pieces that are very versatile, that you can create many different types of outfits with and I think the chambray shirt is the perfect piece for that.

Do you have a chambray shirt that you love as much as I do?


minimalismWhat is minimalism?

Some people may think of minimalism and picture a sparse house with a very modern white and black decor or a wardrobe full of monochrome clothes. Sure, this would describe minimalism in design, but we are not talking about design. We are talking about a lifestyle. What is a minimalist lifestyle?

My answer is: It will differ between each person.

We all have different lives, different values. What minimalism is to one person may look very different to another.

Some minimalist count all their items, others may count only certain items like their wardrobe (that’s me!), and still others may count none of their items. Some minimalist rid their houses of TV’s, Internet, and other modern technology; others may simply limit their use of these things. Some move into tiny homes, while others just downsize.

You see what I’m getting at? Minimalism is a lifestyle that depends on each individual, their circumstances in life, and where they are currently at on this journey. But to me, what it really comes down to is, minimalism is about eliminating what doesn’t add value to your life.minimalism It’s not about following a specific set of rules; keep this don’t keep that. No, it’s about deciding the life you want to live, and then eliminating what doesn’t fit in with that life.

Minimalism is a journey, not a destination. I don’t think we ever get to a point where we say, “Ah ha! I am finally here! I am a perfect minimalist!” Our lives are every changing. There are things that are constantly coming in and out of our lives that we have to evaluate and decide, does this add value to my life?

For me, I value having quality time with my family, getting outdoors and enjoying nature. I value reading and educating myself, sewing my own wardrobe, and eating a diet that consists of real food. I value a clutter-free clean home, having less stress, and not being in debt or a slave to my job.

Trust me I am still working on getting my life in line with my values. It’s a work in progress. So I am constantly searching for what I can eliminate from my life that doesn’t add to, or may even take away from, what I truly value; whether it be physical things or even habits.

And that is what minimalism means to me.  What does minimalism mean to you?

2015 Spring Capsule: Outfits

So have you guys heard of stylebook?  It’s a wardrobe organizing app.  You can take pictures of your clothes, take out the background,  and then create different looks.

Well, I was playing around with this app the other day and decided to see how many different outfits I could come up with using my 37 piece spring capsule wardrobe, and let me tell you, the possibilities seem endless.

So, I thought I would show some of the different outfits I can create using my spring capsule.  I would like to do this with all of my capsule wardrobes in the future as I think it is helpful to see how the pieces go together rather than just seeing them all separate.

I put together outfits I’ve already worn and love and others that I would like to try.  I made sure I used every piece of my wardrobe at least once in this example so you can get a visual of all the unique looks that can be created with a capsule wardrobe.

*I did not include my trench coat in these looks as it is a piece I wear when I am going out, and take off when I am indoors.  I don’t really consider it as part of my outfit. In fact, I am considering putting my outerwear into my extras in the future for this reason.

So here it is:

2015 spring outfits

Of course, I would accessories these with jewelry, tights, and belts, but you get the idea.

A few months ago, I may have thought that having a small wardrobe would be boring.  But if the pieces are picked carefully so that they all go together nicely, then the possibilities of outfits are endless.

So are you on the fence about doing a capsule wardrobe because you think you may get bored? I assure you, I don’t think you can.  What do you think?