Dress To Scarf Refashion

Well, we made it back to Florida and it is going to be sometime I think before we get fully adjusted.  But I do have a quick post for you today.

Remember the cute little floral summer dress that I decided to let go of?  The dress was a little too short for me and I didn’t feel comfortable in it anymore, but, I loved the fabric and decided to turn it into a scarf.

floral dress

And here it is!

infinity scarfWhat I love about this scarf is that it is so lightweight.  It’s a cotton fabric in a beautiful white, blue and red floral print and I think it will be perfect in Florida during the cooler months.  Florida rarely get’s cold enough to wear very heavy scarves, so this one will be perfect.

All I had to do was cut the skirt off of the dress underneath the waistband.  I was left with a very jagged edge down the one side so I measured from the other side over and created a straight even line then trimmed off the jagged edge.  Then all I had to do was fold the raw end under twice, press, pin and sew a straight line, creating a little hem.

This will work with any dress or skirt that doesn’t have a zipper or pockets in the way.

infinity scarf infinity scarfI love the colors in this fabric and I am so glad that I got to repurpose the dress I never wear into something I will get a lot of use out of.

The Brigitte Scarf

the brigitte scarfSo after a great week and a half with my parents and nearly two weeks away from the sewing machine, I was ready to get back!  I wanted to dive into my new book, “Love At First Stitch,” first thing and that is exactly what I did.

The first project in the book is this lovely scarf, called the Brigitte Scarf.

the brigitte scarf(I love this book by-the-way.  I’ve had a chance to read through it some and I just think its fantastic!)

Now mind you, I really am not much of a hair scarf kinda gal.  I use to buy all kinds of headbands and things back in the day and I rarely used them.  So I didn’t really want to spend money on new fabric as I wasn’t sure how much I would actually use this so I just used some left over material I had from another project.  This material is a tad stiffer for this scarf than I would have liked, but it still works ok.

Also, this project starts you out with just getting familiar with the machine and learning to stitch, and I am already familiar with these things.  However, I really wanted to do each project in this book in order because well…I’m kinda a nerd that way.  I like doing things in the order they are designed.  So instead of skipping ahead, I decided to make this scarf.

I also followed the instructions in the book and practiced stitching a little before I started to make the scarf.  I found that was actually really helpful for me as I got to get more practice with curved lines, which really helped me to understand how to make that work better.

Well, it was a quick and easy project.  I learned new things and I am actually really liking this scarf.  Maybe I will get more use out of it than I think.

Next up….PJ’s!

the brigitte scarf(BTW, the scarf looks a little ruffled around the back edge only because I have if folded under for these pictures.  It is actually a little wider than what you see in these pictures, but I find that, with my ridiculously small size head, it just looks better narrow.  So this scarf is actually a little wider which is more of the Brigitte Bardot style.)