Oversize Maxi to Pleated Dress Refashion

B-150720 before and afterI certainly love sewing clothes from scratch.  Being able to create exactly what you want from the style to the fit to the fabric is such a wonderful thing.

However, let’s face it, fabric isn’t always cheap.  But what is great about knowing how to sew is that you can always take a cheap thrifted garment and use it to create something fresh and new.

Today’s refashion is a dress that I found at Goodwill.  I was drawn to the fabric.  I love stripes and blue is my favorite color but I also was drawn to the variety of stripes and colors in this particular dress.

Now this dress was huge and when I put it on I was drowning in stripes! But I knew I could try to turn it into something shorter and more fitted, so that is exactly what I set out to do and this is my final result.  What do you think?B-150720-0143 B-150720-0150 B-150720-0163 B-150720-0176

It would have been better if the skirt was a bit fuller for the pleats, but I think it still works.  You could also do this as a gathered skirt option too.

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Refashion: Capris to Shorts

refashion capris to shortsSince we are moving back to Florida and I have pretty much no summer clothes as of this moment, I decided the first thing to focus on was shorts.  But rather than make some from scratch I decided to refashion these old capris I had.

These capris fit really good at the top, but I didn’t like the way they flared out at the bottom.  I thought about just trying to turn them into a skinny cut but ultimately figured it would be too much work and decided instead to just cut them down into shorts.

I haven’t worn shorts much in the past;  Maybe it’s because I have never had a pair I really love.  So this will be an interesting test this summer as to where I stand with shorts once and for all.

refashion capris to shortsrefashion capris to shorts

I had two pairs of these, one in khaki and the other in black and it was quite perfect because I really wanted to have a pair of khaki and black shorts for this summer.

This is such an easy refashion;  All that is really involved is to cut them down and hem.  It’s just important to get the length right.  After I finished the khaki pair I decided I wanted just a tad bit more length so I went a little longer on the black ones.  I am very happy with the length of the black ones, but the khakis will work also.  It’s just that modest side of me that I realize prefers a little bit more length.  refashion capris to shortsrefashion capris to shortsrefashion capris to shorts

So to change pants/capris into shorts is so easy and super quick.  Here is what I did:

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