A Coral Moneta

I recently completed this wonderful, silky Moneta that is perfect for summer.  The fabric is so soft and has the perfect drape for this dress.  I love the coral color for summer and I know I am going to get a ton of use out of this dress.

This isn’t my first Moneta.  Maybe I will get around one of these days of photographing the first one I made and post it here.  But I love this dress!  First off, I have to say that the Moneta pattern is probably my most favorite dress pattern of all!.  I love knit dresses because they are so comfortable, and this dress is so simple yet elegant that I can see myself only making these the rest of my life and being perfectly content with that.

This is an easy project.  The only thing that is a little difficult is shirring the skirt.  I think this could get a lot easier though as I get more practice with it, or at least I hope it does.

With my first Moneta, I used a twin needle for the hems, but I wasn’t too pleased with the results.  The threads on the sleeves popped with that dress and now it needs to be redone.  This time I decided to try a regular old zig zag stitch to hem and I have to say, I think I prefer it to the twin needle method.  It doesn’t look bad at all and it was much easier to do at that.  And I am all about making my sewing easier and more simple.


Pattern:  Moneta by Colette Patterns

Fabric:  A silky ITY jersey knit from Fabric.com

Version:  2

Size:  XS

Modifications:  Lengthened skirt a little.  Shortened bodice by 1 in.  Re-drafted back neckline higher.

What do you think?  Do you love Moneta’s as much as I do?


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