Newlook 6262 Dress

Well guys, it’s been a long time!  I took a long break from blogging, which felt good and was much needed.  Now, I have decided to close down my Instagram account in an attempt to get social media out of my life and simplify more.  I’m not going to go into all the details about that decision here but I feel it is the right thing for me.  Now, the only social media account I have is Pinterest.

I was posting my recent makes on Instagram while I took a break from the blog and so now since I am closing that account, I decided to try putting my makes back up on the blog for a while and see how it goes for me.  Things will be a little different this time though.  I am planning on keeping it strictly to posts of what I’ve made and nothing else for a while.  I want to keep it simple so I can focus on the things I enjoy more in life, like creating.

This will be a trial run and I may one day decide to stop blogging altogether if it starts to become a negative thing in my life.  But I really would like to have some sort of platform to share my creations, document my progress, and inspire others.  So I’m giving it a go again.

This is my most recent creation: the Newlook 6262 dress.  It is a great little fit and flare dress that was very easy to make.  I love this version of it the best with the V-neckline and cap sleeves.IMG_7715IMG_7717IMG_7736IMG_7738IMG_7740IMG_7749

I was surprised with how comfortable this dress ended up being.  The material is thick and pretty stiff, which gives the skirt some structure and a lovely poof, and I thought that would make it feel a little uncomfortable, but surprisingly it wasn’t.

The bodice of this dress is a little loose and I probably would have liked it to be a bit more fitted but overall I really like this dress and would recommend it to others to make.


Pattern:  Newlook 6262 View C

Fabric:  Blue and Green Jacquard sportswear print from Joann Fabrics.

Size and Fitting:  I cut out a 14 at the bust and tapered down to a 12 at the waist for the bodice, then did a small bust adjustment.  Then I ended up taking in more on the sides because it was still too big.  I cut out a size 12 for the skirt.





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