A Midi Clemence Skirt

black midi clemence skirtI know, I know!  I just made a black Clemence skirt! But I promise you I am not going crazy, nor am I trying to build up a wardrobe full of black Clemence skirts.

I made this skirt because I knew that the other Clemence skirt I made was not going to be all that comfortable during the hot and humid summer as the material was of a heavier weight. But  I wanted a black skirt to wear as I feel that a black skirt is a great wardrobe staple so I decided to make another in a material that would be more flowy and comfortable for hot days.

Originally, I was going to make a Zinnia, but after washing and drying my fabric it shrank incredibly, and there was simply not enough fabric to pull off a Zinnia.  So I decided to go with a Clemence.
black midi clemence skirt black midi clemence skirtThis time I decided to make it into a midi length so I added about 3 inches to the length of my original pattern.  Then I also made the waistband smaller so that the final waistband size ended up being 1.5 inches.  I also made the waistband slightly larger so that the skirt could sit closer to my hips and have a lot more ease for comfort.

I love how just using different fabric and making small changes to a pattern can create a completely different looking piece.black midi clemence skirt black midi clemence skirtThere was a time when I would have thought that this midi length was too grandma looking, even for a modest girl like me.  For the longest time I always wore knee length skirts.  But now I’m really liking this length.  Not for every skirt, but for some variety it’s nice.

How do you feel about midi skirts?  Got any in the making?


2 thoughts on “A Midi Clemence Skirt

    • samantha says:

      Thank you! Yeah I like the midi look, especially on others. I think it looks nice with the heals but I mostly wear flats and I’m wondering if I will like the length with flats. It will be a good test this summer to see if midi skirts are for me.


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