Make Time To Recharge

B-120126-0002One beautiful day, some time ago, my husband and I decided to pack some cheese and crackers and a bottle of wine and head to a park nearby for a little picnic.

The sky was blue. There was a beautiful breeze. And as the sun set it cast a lovely golden hue on everything. I remember feeling so at peace.

Life can be very mundane at times. There are things we do because we have to. And yes it is important to learn how to enjoy the mundane of everyday (which is a topic for another time.) However, it is also important to escape from the mundane every so often and enjoy life.

I’m not talking about exciting, expensive vacations or excursions. I’m simply talking about creating moments of enjoyment, whether big or small, to recharge and create meaningful memories.

B-120126-0042Sometimes we tend to get tired, life gets stressful, and to “recharge” we veg out in front of the TV (or in our case the computer) watching a movie while over-consuming unhealthy food. Sure it’s something mindless that can distract us from our realities, but usually it leaves us filling empty. And in the end we haven’t created any memories, we’ve just wasted time.

My husband and I want to stop wasting so much of our time and life and instead plan things that truly can recharge us, like getting away for the day and exploring somewhere new, or taking a long walk down a scenic path, or even just making a delicious meal and eating it outdoors as the sun sets.

It doesn’t need to be anything crazy exciting. As long as it truly leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to go on with everyday life, then it’s served its purpose, like that picnic in the park.

B-120126-0018So in order to start making this a part of our life, we have decided to at least schedule one new activity into each month that we could enjoy together to recharge and create more meaningful memories to look back on.

However, we also would like to focus on replacing less meaningful activities like watching movies with other activities that can truly leave us feeling refreshed throughout the week.

I really want to start living a life of value.  One that is centered more around enjoying the outdoors and time with family and close friends.  But if left to chance, often we miss out on these moments so I feel it is important to start scheduling this into our life.

So what do you do to recharge and create more meaningful memories in your life?


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