A Zinnia

Zinnia by colette patterns I am so excited to finally, finally, FINALLY be able to share a sewing project!  It has been a while since I have.  Things have been very busy for us around here, and a part of me has lacked the motivation to do anything, but I finally got this Zinnia skirt done.

Everything went fine with this skirt until I got to the button holes.  For some reason I was having a terrible time with the button-hole attachment for my machine.  After much fussing with the settings, I realized it must have been a tension issue as when I lowered the tension it seemed to take care of the problem.

I have decided that I really don’t like buttons!  I’d much rather install an invisible zip.  Anyone else feel the same?

Anyway, here is the finished skirt!
Zinnia by colette patterns B-150420-0281

Fabric:  A lightweight material in whiskey.  (I’ve been very bad at trying to find out what the material I purchase here in Ecuador is made of guys, sorry.  Hopefully that will change when I get back to the States.)

Pattern:  Zinnia by Colette Patterns version 1 in size 2.

Changes:  I used the in-seam pockets that are in version 2 instead of the patch pocket that is in version 1.
Zinnia by colette patterns I searched around a bit for buttons.  I was close to buying some dark brown ones, but then the last shop I went into had buttons in the same whiskey color as the fabric, which is what I wanted to begin with so I am really glad I didn’t give up in my search.

Zinnia by colette patterns Ultimately, this was a simple skirt to make and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  (Honestly my gathers could have been a lot better but oh well.)  I love the buttons in the front of this version but I also would like to make the other versions in the future.

What I like most about this skirt is the color.  I had been wanting a whiskey colored skirt for some time now so I finally have it!

I think I will be including this skirt in my summer wardrobe but I really think it would look so cute with tights and brogues in the fall and winter so ultimately this is going to be a great multi-use skirt.

My plan is when we move to Florida to switch out some items in my current spring capsule, as the weather is going to be pretty warm when we arrive, so I think I will be switching out one of my skirts with this one as I can’t wait to wear it!


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