A Minimalist Wardrobe Tour

When I was first introduced to this concept of a capsule wardrobe I thought, “How is this possible?!”  But still I was intrigued.

At the time, I wanted to rid myself of things.  I wanted to detach myself from my stuff and I really, really, REALLY wanted a wardrobe that I loved.  Going down to a capsule wardrobe was something I thought I should try.

It took me about 3 years and moving overseas to really understand what simple living means to me and in that time I have been able to detach from my things, little by little.

And now that I have succeeded at going down to a capsule wardrobe, I have to say, it has given me such a sense of freedom!

MINIMALIST WARDROBE*My spring capsule officially started on April 1st but I was using it since I posted my spring capsule, which has been about 2 weeks now. 

I use to open up my closet doors and feel anxiety.  There were so many clothes stuffed into my closet and most of them I didn’t really love.

Many of my things didn’t go well with each other and I didn’t really know my style,  therefore, putting together an outfit was stressful.  Ultimately, I would end up throwing something on that I didn’t really feel that great in.MINIMALIST WARDROBEMINIMALIST WARDROBEMINIMALIST WARDROBENow when I open up my wardrobe, I see a bunch of clothes I love and feel great in.  Putting together an outfit is so easy because everything goes well with each other.

There is no clutter, no desire to shop, and no frantic shouts of: “I have NOTHING to wear!”

What a sense of calm I feel now compared to before.MINIMALIST WARDROBEMINIMALIST WARDROBEThis is my minimalist wardrobe.  I love it and I am never going back.

Are you toying  with the idea of going down to a minimalist, capsule wardrobe?  I say just do it!  A clutter-free, stress-free wardrobe is all that awaits you!


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