Morning Rituals

MORNING RITUALSBefore I get into my subject of morning rituals, I want to mention that I am starting a new lifestyle section to my blog called Nourish.

While sewing and capsule wardrobes is the main theme of my blog, I wish to explore aspects of living a life that leads to a well-nourished life and if you want to learn more about this and why, click here.

So to start out this lifestyle series to my blog I thought I would talk about something I am currently working on, and that is establishing a morning ritual.

A morning ritual to me is more than just a mindless routine one follows everyday; It’s a consistent performance intended to set your day off on a healthy and meaningful path. I don’t just want this in my life, I NEED this!

I have wanted to establish a morning ritual for the longest time now but have been unsuccessful. It’s not easy changing habits and I’m not exactly a morning person. But I know this needs to change.

It is very important to start my day off with the proper nourishment. I’m not just talking about physical nourishment; I’m talking about spiritual and mental nourishment as well. It is very important to start my day in a positive frame of mind, otherwise, I end up with a negative attitude that effects my entire day.

MORNING RITUALSSo I wanted to come up with a morning ritual that will be geared towards starting my day off on a positive path. To do this, I closed my eyes and imagined what my ideal start of the day would look like?

For me, it would go something like this:

I would wake up early, go into the kitchen and start heating up some water for my french press coffee.  While the water was heating up, I would stroll over to the bathroom to wash/rinse my face to waken up a bit. I would then go back to the kitchen and finish making my coffee.

In the quiet of the morning, I would grab my Bible, my planner, and a notepad and sit down and read a little of my Bible while I sip on my coffee. I would then take a few minutes to meditate and pray. I would meditate on what I read and also how I want my day to play out. Then, I would pray for the wisdom and help needed to live a life of integrity and also express gratitude for the life I have been given. All of this would take a matter of ten to fifteen minutes. Then, and only then, after this important spiritual nourishment, would I focus on my physical nourishment.

I would take a minute to look over my planner and jot down a list of what I need to do for that day.  Then I would shower, brush my teeth, dress, make my bed and possibly start a load of laundry. After this I would start making some breakfast. I would eat my breakfast at a clean, clutter-free table with no electronics, having a nice conversation with my husband about our plans for the day.

I have to tell you, this is NOTHING like how I start my days now. I’m ashamed to admit that often I start my day waking up late, feeling anxious and rushed. Often the first thing I do is get on my tablet looking up social media or going through emails. Sometimes I even forget to brush my teeth! This is not the person I want to be.

It’s time for a change and now I am going to make it a goal for the rest of this week to carry out a morning ritual that is in line with my values and that will help me to start my day off on the right foot.

So what do you think? Do you want to join me in starting a morning ritual that is the ideal start to your day? Or do you already have your own morning ritual and if so, what is it like? I’d love to hear from some of you on this subject.


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