Refashion: Capris to Shorts

refashion capris to shortsSince we are moving back to Florida and I have pretty much no summer clothes as of this moment, I decided the first thing to focus on was shorts.  But rather than make some from scratch I decided to refashion these old capris I had.

These capris fit really good at the top, but I didn’t like the way they flared out at the bottom.  I thought about just trying to turn them into a skinny cut but ultimately figured it would be too much work and decided instead to just cut them down into shorts.

I haven’t worn shorts much in the past;  Maybe it’s because I have never had a pair I really love.  So this will be an interesting test this summer as to where I stand with shorts once and for all.

refashion capris to shortsrefashion capris to shorts

I had two pairs of these, one in khaki and the other in black and it was quite perfect because I really wanted to have a pair of khaki and black shorts for this summer.

This is such an easy refashion;  All that is really involved is to cut them down and hem.  It’s just important to get the length right.  After I finished the khaki pair I decided I wanted just a tad bit more length so I went a little longer on the black ones.  I am very happy with the length of the black ones, but the khakis will work also.  It’s just that modest side of me that I realize prefers a little bit more length.  refashion capris to shortsrefashion capris to shortsrefashion capris to shorts

So to change pants/capris into shorts is so easy and super quick.  Here is what I did:

capris to shorts tutorial

  1. Put the pants/capris on, and on one side mark where you want the length of the shorts to be.  I marked in the middle and on the inner and outer seams.  Take them off, lay down flat and connect your marks creating a straight line.  Now we need to add our hem, so measure 1 1/4 inches down from the line (towards the bottom of the pants) and create a second straight line.
  2. Cut along the bottom line (closest to the bottom of the pants).
  3. Fold the trimmed pant leg over on top of the other un-cut pant leg.  Make sure you have laid it down flat and evenly matched up seams.  Then trace a line along the bottom onto the uncut side.  (I then measured the inseam of the cut side and made sure that it matched the un-cut side.)
  4. Cut the pant leg off along the marked line.
  5. Turn the shorts inside out and fold the raw edge 5/8 inch up and press to create a crease.  (Rip out the side seams just a little as the pants may have tapered in a little at that point.)  Then fold up another 5/8 inch to create final hem and pin into place.
  6. Sew a straight line across the top of the folded edge.  Repeat to make hem for the other side and your are all done!

So what do you think?  Good call on the change from capris to shorts?  And have you ever changed something you owned into something fresh and new?


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