Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2015

So I am super excited to reveal my spring capsule wardrobe!  This is my first capsule wardrobe ever and I hope it’s the first of many more.

I tried to come up with a good mix of clothes with lots of layers as I need something very versatile while I am here because the weather changes so much.  I think I came up with a good mix that will get me through.

And when we move to Florida, I may swap out a few items as it is going to be quite warm when we arrive.

It took me a long time to really come up with this wardrobe and even now I still have my doubts.  But I’m sure I am going to learn a lot as I wear the items and see what works and what doesn’t.

So…without any further adieu….HERE IT IS!


  • 14  Tops
  • 5  Cardigans/Blazers
  • 10  Bottoms
  • 1  Dress
  • 1  Outerwear
  • 6  Shoes

The Extras

  • 3  Scarves
  • 1  Bag (not pictured because it’s in terrible condition and I am planning on replacing it soon)

*I still have other accessories such as jewelry, sunglasses, and belts which are not shown here.

Now, want to see what I’ve made that made it into this wardrobe?  Here are my makes!SPRING CAPSULE MY MAKES
If feels good to have a wardrobe where a few of the garments were made by me!

I’ve already started wearing my wardrobe because I don’t have really much clothes left after I cleaned out my closet, however, my spring capsule “officially” starts in April.

So there it is.  My first capsule wardrobe!  What do you think?  And if you are planning a capsule wardrobe, how is it going for you?


2 thoughts on “Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2015

  1. Trin Hope says:

    Fantastic! This is a lovely collection of pieces that will work beautifully together.
    I’m joining the #wachallenge15 a little late – just working through defining my style, sorting shapes, selecting patterns + culling my wardrobe..


    • samantha says:

      Thank you. I’m looking forward to how it works out….well it’s better late than never. I’m so glad I took on the wachallenge2015 because it’s given me some direction when it comes to sewing and it has motivated me to do a capsule wardrobe finally. It’s a lot but I’m sure you will get it all done.

      Liked by 1 person

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