A Change Of Plans

change of plansOriginally I was planning on coming up with a fall/winter capsule wardrobe since we are approaching the colder time of year here in Ecuador.  In reality, it is fall and spring weather all year where we live, but because July and August tend to get a little colder I was going to plan a wardrobe that suited colder weather.

HOWEVER….We have a change of plans.  We are moving back to Florida!  That’s right, sunny Florida.  And we are going to be moving back in the dead of summer!

And this is a problem because I have managed to miss three years of Florida summers and now I have no summer clothes.  I don’t even own a pair of shorts anymore.  Yikes!

This means I need to change gears here and start planning and making things for a summer wardrobe.  Up until now, I had been planning on making three quarter sleeve knit dresses and tweed skirts, but now I have to focus on some pieces that are going to be better suited for humid weather.

So to help me get inspired I have come up with some spring/summer silhouettes.

Here is an example of a more casual look I like:

S/S silhouette - casual look


And here is a dressy look:

S/S silhouettes - dressy


I have to admit, I am a little excited about being able to plan a summer wardrobe.  The thought of wearing sandals everyday makes me smile.  But I’m 100 percent sure that when that Florida humidity sets in I am going to be singing a different tune.  I’ve gotten quite use to cold, dry weather all year.  All I can say, it is going to be ineresting.
So with all of this in mind, it is time for me to get moving and make some pieces.
The goal for March with the Wardrobe Architect Challenge is to find the missing holes and plan projects and purchases based on that.  So, that is what I am working on now:  Coming up with a plan!  Hopefully, I will not only have a plan but will have been able to start a project or two before the end of this month.
In the meantime, I am super excited to be creating a spring capsule wardrobe with the clothes I currently own, which I will be starting in April.  So stay tuned for that as I will be revealing my first ever capsule wardrobe very soon.

2 thoughts on “A Change Of Plans

  1. Mariangeles says:

    Very cute inspiration items! That mustard color skirt is a beauty!
    Well, I’m really excited and looking forward to have you back! Xox


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