Wardrobe Staple: A Black Clemence Skirt

black clemence skirtblack clemence skirtHere is my second Clemence skirt from Love At First Stitch.  I made this one really quickly!  I was desperately needing a basic black skirt.

I had decided to part with the elastic waist skirt I made a while back.  It was one of my first skirts and I just didn’t like the style of it that much and it was just a little too short for me.  So when I cleared my closet, out it went.  I also parted with the other black skirts I had as they were styles that I didn’t truly love.

So I was left with no black skirt and I had some black fabric stashed away so I decided to go ahead and make another Clemence skirt because that was the exact style I wanted for a black skirt.

At first I made this skirt too big.  I did adjust the waistband pattern I had created for my first Clemence prior to cutting it out but I guess I just didn’t do enough.  I was going to just go with it as it seamed just a little loose, but ultimately I wasn’t happy with the fit so I pulled out my seam ripper and pulled apart the waist band and zipper and took it in and I am so happy because it fits so much better and looks so much better than before.

One of these days I am NOT going to have to take something apart again and again.  (At least I hope!)black clemence skirt


  • Pattern:  Clemence skirt from Love At First Stitch.
  • Fabric:  Don’t know.  It was something I got a while back but I think it may be polyester. It’s a medium weight.
  • Changes:  I did make the bottom of the waistband a little wider than the top and I added a hook and eye to the waistband.  Other than that everything is the same as the instructions in the book.

I’m glad I went ahead and made this skirt quickly as I think a basic black skirt is a must in my wardrobe.  One of my gaps is finally filled!  On my way to building my capsule wardrobe!  Woo hoo!

black clemence skirt black clemence skirtSo what are your wardrobe staples?


7 thoughts on “Wardrobe Staple: A Black Clemence Skirt

  1. Britney says:

    OMG you are so cute. That skirt turned out amazing! I need to make one! (Or a dozen) lol I want to make some Netties from closet case files to wear under skirts like that where the waistband hits at the waist.


  2. jen says:

    I came across your blog because after checking out the book love at first stitch I’ve decided I need to buy it and make everything in it! I love all of your makes from the book — they all look great so far and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I”m paring down my wardrobe as well these days — if you haven’t seen the book “the magic art of tidying up”, you might enjoy it for a quick read. Your closet reduction reminds me of that book! 🙂


    • samantha says:

      I keep hearing about that book. Maybe I do need to read it. I’m so happy to hear that my makes have been inspiring. And it really is a great book so I’m sure you are going yo love it


  3. megsewing says:

    These days I seem to reach for trousers and jumpers. Two things i can’t make yet!!!!! haha
    However I’m going to a trouser class soon and I just made a blouse that it looking a staple when spring comes. so I need to get round to making more!
    I love your skirt, I struggle to get plain fabric when shopping but this post has made me determined to get some black fabric and make up a staple skirt 🙂


    • samantha says:

      Well cool. It’s good you are learning how to make what you love to wear! I find that I am leaning towards neutrals now because they just go so well with everything, and I really want a wardrobe that is very versatile.


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