Letting Go Of My Wardrobe

Letting GoClearing out your wardrobe and letting go of some things isn’t always easy.  I’m a somewhat frugal person and I tend to hang on to things that I know I don’t like very much simply because I feel bad.  Maybe its that I feel I spent money on it and therefore need to get my use out of it, or perhaps it’s that I think maybe one day I will need it.

Whatever it is, I found that I was hanging onto a lot of things that I didn’t really care for anymore, that really didn’t feel like me, and I was wearing them but not feeling very confident in them. I finally decided enough is enough and I got rid of a lot of these things I had been hanging onto which I blogged about here.

But it wasn’t easy to do and I knew if I was having this much difficulty up till now to let go of certain items, well there must be others out there with the same problem.  So I thought I would share with you a few pieces that I decided to part with and the reasons why in hope that it will help inspire some of you.

So here it goes!

letting go1.  A wine pencil skirt. Honestly I love the color of this skirt, but there is just one problem: I realized, I don’t really like pencil skirts.  For some reason I owned several pencil skirts, but I honestly could say that I don’t really like them on me.  I think they look great on other women.  I just don’t feel like me when wearing them. Now I know I prefer a-line skirts.  (I think I can even like wearing a straight skirt as long as it doesn’t taper in at the knee.)  I feel confident in these skirts.  So even though I loved the color of this skirt (which was the only reason I was hanging onto it), I decided it needed to go and then maybe I would make myself an a-line skirt in that color instead.

2.  A straight denim skirt. Again it is a nice skirt but it’s one of those skirts that never stays put.  You walk around in it for a little bit and it rides up and twists around causing the side seams to end up in the front.  This drove me crazy and I would have to tug and pull at it all the time! I love comfortable no-fuss clothes and this skirt just wasn’t comfortable and was definitely worn with a lot of fussing, therefore, I decided it needed to go.

3.  A red print blouse from Banana Republic. This is a very nice quality blouse and because of that it was difficult to part with, but the one thing about this top that I don’t like is the style.  I now prefer tops that are longer in length and can be worn out with jeans or tucked in with a skirt.  This top cannot be worn tucked in because of the empire waist. Also, I have to wear a camisole underneath it and honestly, I’m getting tired of clothing that needs something under it to make it appropriate and modest.  So ultimately this had to go.

4.  A LBD that I use to love! This is an example of why I want to make my own high-quality clothes.  This dress was perfect when I bought it, but it quickly got very worn looking.  It’s covered in pills and it even shrunk so now it’s a little too short for my liking. But I love the style of this dress and I’m hanging onto it to see if I can use it to make a pattern from and make my own one day. This has definitely helped me to see the importance of not buying cheap garments.  This was from Target and I love Target, but I their clothes aren’t all exactly high-quality which means you can’t get a lot of wear out of them.

5.  A summer dress. This dress is so lovely, but I really don’t like spaghetti straps.  I always had to wear this with a cardigan in order to feel comfortable, but with the bows from the ties at the top it just didn’t work very well.  Plus it is again a little too short for my taste.

So here is what I have learned by going through with this process:

  • I don’t like pencil skirts.  From now on it’s a-line or straight skirts and that’s it!
  • I love comfortable clothes that I don’t need to tug at or constantly fix into place.
  • I like tops that can be worn out or tucked in and that do not need a tank or camisole underneath.
  • I like quality items that I can get a lot of use out of.
  • I do not like clothes that are even a little out of my comfort zone with the length or how much skin I show on top.

All of those items were things I was trying to hang on to.  But by letting go of them I really learned more about my style and it really feels like a burden has been lifted.

But was this easy?  No!  In fact, there is this part of me that is tempted to go right over to that pile of clothes to donate and pull some things back.  Why?  I have no idea!  I know that I don’t really love those items but there is a part of me that says, “But they are still in good condition, or it’s cute!” However, now when I look at my minimal closet and see a bunch of clothes that I actually do love, it makes me smile.

Sure there are some gaps and maybe a handful of things that I will replace with something better, but now is the fun part and I can fill in those gaps.

So you see, being honest with yourself and what you truly love is important when finally letting go.  So stick to your guns and only keep what you truly love, and don’t listen to those voices in your head that say “But this or but that!”  Just let go. downsized wardrobe

My current wardrobe! (minus a couple of items in the wash.) I’ve never had this few of clothes before!

However, I will tell you I am having some major anxiety over creating a capsule wardrobe for the season that works best for me.  Should I count my items or should I not?  How many? and what to include?  I’m toying around with a few ideas that may work for me, HOWEVER, if you guys have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

So I hope this may have inspired some of you when clearing out your closets.  But what have you discovered while clearing out your closets?  Are you having a hard time letting go?


14 thoughts on “Letting Go Of My Wardrobe

  1. Fawndly & Hart says:

    I totally had the same issue, it was hard to say good-bye to some of my items. Specially, if it was the only one of that color and style. Good for you getting rid of what you don’t love! 🙂

    Counting my items, for me, was crucial. I can easily add and add, shop and shop. If you have self control, which i think you do, this might not be an issue. the number isn’t really important. the point is to learn to be simple and to be happy with less. (at least for me anyway)

    Can’t wait to see what new items you make to fill the holes. 🙂


    • samantha says:

      Yeah that’s true that the number isn’t important and I don’t want it to feel restrictive, but I do think, like you said, having a set number could help me to not allow my wardrobe to get out of hand. So I’m playing around with a few ideas. Maybe to have a set number for core items like tops, bottoms, dresses but consider other things as extras. Or maybe just going with a set number for everything that’s a little higher. It’s just kinda hard here because some days it feels like we have 3 different seasons in one day so I like the idea of having a variety of shoes and layers!

      I’d love to see your capsule wardrobe. Are you planning on showing it?


      • Fawndly & Hart says:

        I do understand that, that is why this spring season is so hard. We will be traveling to different places – snow, rain, dessert and the hot san diego beaches. It worries me.
        That’s the plan. I’m working of photographing each item. Its just hard because Im not very good and the lighting in our apartment isn’t good in the afternoons (blogging time). not a good combo, haha.


    • samantha says:

      Honestly I have been slowly downsizing my wardrobe over the last 3 years!! And only just now have I been ready to finally part with a lot of the things I don’t truly love…it takes time. But each time you do, it does get easier. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Britney says:

        I did go through my closet like 6 months ago and got rid of a lot…it’s hard for me cause there are a lot of things f
        That I still love that don’t fit. And other things that have sentimental value so I’ve kept them but they aren’t my style anymore


      • samantha says:

        Yeah it’s those sentimental pieces that are hard to part with. I’ve started taking pictures of the those types of things. That way I can still always have the memory but without the clutter.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Britney says:

        Yeah…some that I’ve kept I wore when I was taking engagement photos and anniversary photos or they used to be my favorite shirt and I wore them all the time, but now my style is different…so I never wear them


  2. Mariangeles says:

    Good job Sam! I really don’t know why we get attached to clothes. Maybe it feels wasteful to get rid of clothes that are in good condition. But I have noticed recently that I don’t miss any items I have given away. So I’m determined to go through our attic and get rid of more things and sell them at a yard sale and if they don’t sell, donate.


    • samantha says:

      That is true!! I never miss the items that I part with. I heard somewhere that we naturally place value on things once we own them, whether it really is valuable or not. That is why they say it’s best to be careful of what you allow into your home, because once you own it, it’s more difficult to let go of! And boy is that true. Good job on going through your things and I hope your next purge goes well!


  3. rootbranchbole says:

    This exercise was really illuminating, wasn’t it? There were some things lingering in my closet even though I KNOW they’re not my style. Not only were they taking up space, but I realized I actually felt guilty about not wearing them. I mean, that’s not what getting dressed should be about!

    I think your current wardrobe is admirably minimal.


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