Wardrobe Architect: My Silhouettes

MY SILHOUETTESNext on the agenda for the Wardrobe Architect Challenge is creating silhouettes.  (Refer to weeks three and four here over at colettepatterns.)

What is meant by a silhouette?  Well, it is basically the overall shape/fit/style of a garment.  Ignore all the details like color, prints and accessories  and just focus in on the actual shape of the clothing.

To create my silhouettes, I set up a Polyvore account and can I just say, I love this website!  How did I not know about this before?!   I mean I heard about Polyvore before but I didn’t really know what it was all about and never looked into it.  I wish I had!

It has been a great tool to search for garments that I like and put them together in sets to create my silhouettes.  I’m such a visual person so I just fell in love with this.  If you are doing this challenge and you don’t have an account, I really think you should get one.

Here is what I have come up with for my fall/winter silhouettes.  (Remember I am in the southern hemisphere and we will be approaching our colder time of year soon.)

Here is my first example:

F/W silhouette

This would be a dressy look which would include an a-line skirt, a nice blouse, a cardigan, tights, and pointed flats or wedge heels.

Here is another silhouette for skirts:

F/W silhouette

This would be a more casual look with a skirt.  This would include tights, an a-line skirt, a button up top or nice tee, a looser fitting cardigan, and flat shoes or boots.

Here is one more example of something I would wear quite often:

F/W silhouette

This would be an everyday casual look with pants.  This would include skinny jeans/pants, a tee, button-up, or oversize sweater, a cardigan (various styles), and flat shoes or boots.

As you can see, I am all about comfort.  My silhouettes for fall include things like flat shoes, loose fitting clothes (but not too loose) and comfy cardigans.

I also decided to create a set of styles specific for each category of clothing; skirts, dresses, pants, etc.  These are not specific to the seasons but just a collection of different shapes and styles I seam to like and wear the most in each category.  I tried to focus in on just the shape and ignore other details like the color and print.  Here is what I came up with:

Skirt styles
Dress styles
Top styles
Bottom styles
Outerwear style
I feel having these visual references will help me a lot in staying focused with my wardrobe planning and honoring my true style.
Soon I am going to have to start choosing some ideas of what to actually make.  That is going to be the tough part for me as I am terrible at making decisions.  But I think all this planning and evaluating of my style should make it a lot easier.
How is your wardrobe planning going?
***This post has been updated since its original.  After looking around on Polyvore more, I found some garments that best suited my silhouettes that I liked more and so I updated my sets with those.  So if you are looking at this and think it looks different that is why.  Sorry, but the crazy perfectionist in me just couldn’t take it and had to update those.  Thanks for understanding.

6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect: My Silhouettes

  1. Britney says:

    So awesome! I think i will have to take your advice and sign up for polyvore. I feel like it would make my lige easier than try to sketch them all out or find an exact picture of an outfit i like lol you’re doing so great so far!


  2. LaDulsaTina says:

    You made such a good job! I really like your core style! I’m trying to get mine on Pinterest and I find this challenge very useful so far. I don’t know polyvore…I’m gonna have a look over next days. I’ll let you know.


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