Hole-y Pajama Bottoms

Well, I finally got back to making my next project after a week of not feeling so well.  It is the second project in the book “Love at First Stitch”, called the Margot Pajamas.  Everything was going along well, until I made a BIG boo boo.  The Margot Pajamas and my mess-up

Yep, that’s a big hole.  What happened, you might ask?  Well, I was cutting my seam allowances and I wasn’t being careful enough, and the pant leg got caught in my scissor underneath, and, well…you can see what happened.

I was so disappointed.  I couldn’t believe that happened!  It was my own fault though.  I should have been more careful.  Oh well, I guess these things do happen.  At least it wasn’t very expensive material.

So, despite the big mishap, I thought I would go ahead and finish them just the same.  I figured I would like to see how they turned out for future reference.

This project was very easy.  I used the size 2 pattern and used a light-weight floral material.  I don’t know exactly what type of fabric it is (I really should start asking and keeping track of this in the future.)  I believe it is a cotton-polyester mix. I made matching drawstring with the material and I didn’t make any changes to the pattern.

They turned out good.  The fit is great and I definitely want to make some more of these; hopefully next time, without cutting them.

After finishing them, I decided not to hem them as I would try to save them and turn them into shorts.  So, stay tuned for my next post, as I will be showing you all what I did to save these.

The Margot Pajamas The Margot Pajamas It really is too bad I messed these up, because they turned out so great.  I wonder how many more mishaps I am bound to have in this learning to sew process?


2 thoughts on “Hole-y Pajama Bottoms

    • samantha says:

      Well feels good that I’m not the only one…right now I’m living in Ecuador. I got the fabric in a shop near my house for about $3 a yard. I honestly don’t know if it’s something you can get outside of South America.


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