Elastic Waist Skirt

elastic waist skirtThis week I have been feeling a little under the weather and haven’t really accomplished much.  I started my next project, but there it is, still sitting in my study all pinned together, waiting to be stitched.  I was hoping to have it done by now to post, but unfortunately, I’ve been a little lazy and well…I guess it will just have to wait.

So instead, I have this old skirt I made to show you.

elastic waist skirtThis was one of the first things I made a while back.  It’s just a simple elastic waist skirt.  It is very easy to make and is a great beginner project.  It is a very versatile skirt as you can make it with many different types of fabrics or use different size elastic bands.  You can make it any length you want, add or take away fullness, or make it with pockets.

I used a semi-heavy material in black for this one, and a 3/4 inch elastic for the waist band.  I also added pockets.

I like this skirt but I wouldn’t say it is my favorite.  It doesn’t have a lot of shape.  It’s basically just a big rectangle that is synched at the waist with an elastic band.  But it is a really simple easy project and was a great way to get started stitching a garment.

To make this skirt I looked up a bunch of examples and tutorials on-line and I think I would recommend this tutorial by A Small Snippet which shows you how to make it with pockets and even has a pdf of a pocket pattern you can use, and this tutorial by Shrimp Salad Circus, which is just the simple, easy way without the pockets.

I think this skirt looks really cute with tights and a long cardigan.elastic waist skirtelastic waist skirtelastic waist skirt

That’s all I got this week.  Hopefully, next week I will have my next project completed!


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