A Sewing Machine Cover

Of course, the very first thing I made with my sewing machine was this sewing machine cover.  I basically followed this tutorial by Notes From the Patch.  It is an excellent tutorial with a lot of pictures to help you along.  It is a great beginner project.  You basically measure your sewing machine and use the formula to get your dimensions for you pieces.
sewing machine cover

It is fully lined and has pockets on the sides.  You can use different fabric for the lining, side panels and pockets if you like for a fun colorful look.  I actually used a multi-print fabric that looks like I cut from different fabrics, but I didn’t, it was the same piece of fabric for everything.  I was just careful when cutting out my pieces so that it would look good after it was all assembled.

So, do you not have a sewing machine cover yet? Or are you using a standard ugly plastic kind?  Well, don’t waste anymore time.  Go and make your own cute cover.

sewing machine cover sewing machine cover sewing machine cover


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