The Sorbetto Top

Sorbetto TopOk so I may have been a little too ambitious using this material for this top.  It is a very soft delicate material, almost silk-like, and I tell you, it wasn’t easy to work with!  However, I did manage to get a wearable top out of it.

I used the free Sorbetto pattern by Colette Patterns.

I do not like to wear sleeveless shirts much anymore so I decided to add sleeves to mine.  I used the free pdf sleeve pattern for this blouse over at Sew Incidentally.
Sorbetto Top

This project was a tad bit tougher than anything else I have taken on up till now, however, it is a good beginner project.  I had to learn how to do darts, insert sleeves, and make and attatch bias tape.  It really was a great learning experience.

It turned out ok.  There are of course lots of imperfections like crooked stitching and the seam finishing inside looks horrible to me.  Of course, now I am wanting a serger real bad, but I have be patient as I can’t get one right now.  I figure if I keep up with sewing and get better, then I can splurge a year from now and buy one.

The only alterations or changes I made to this pattern was the adding of the sleeves and also I added more length to it, as I could see when I made my practice one that the shirt was too short for my long torso.  I basically added about 3 inches but I also made a bigger hem at the bottom.

sorbetto top pattern(Here is a photo of the pattern after I added the three inches to lengthen it.  This has been updated from the original post.)

Even though it isn’t perfect, I still love it!  I love this pattern and the color.  I think it looks great with jeans, with skirts, and with a cardigan over it.   So it is a very versatile shirt that I am sure I will get a lot of use out of.  Sorbetto Top Sorbetto TopSorbetto TopSorbetto TopSorbetto Top

Alright, that is all for now.

I won’t be posting much the next week or so as my parents are coming to visit us  and I am so excited.  This is their first time coming to Ecuador to visit us and I can’t wait and have a bunch of stuff planned.  So I may post a couple of past projects but it won’t be much.  Bye for now!


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