The Madeleine Mini-Bloomers by Colette


(Sorry about my pale blotchy legs.  They hardly every see the sun.)

As I sit here in my bed, writing this, I have a strong desire to just shut the computer and go take a nap.  My eyes hurt because of lack of sleep…and why you might ask?  Because I was up late searching sewing blogs  and looking up reviews on sewing books.  I really need to get some balance as I have been very absorbed in all things sewing lately.

However, I am going to suffer through the fatigue and get this post out.  A while back I made these free mini-bloomers by Colette Patterns and I think they are a great beginner project.


W_141028-_DSC0306I made two.  (This poca dot one I gave as a gift.)


Of course, in my inexperience, I forgot to mark where the buttonholes would go and when it came time to sew them I had to figure out where they went exactly, making sure I kept them even.  I think I did a pretty good job though in lining it up right.

I did have the hardest time with sewing the buttonholes.  I followed my manual but again and again it wouldn’t work.  (Its a good thing I practiced this first on scrap fabric). The thread would just bunch up in one spot forming a huge clump.  I finally started messing with the settings more and finally figured out a way to get it to work correctly.  Now, for the life of me, I can’t remember what I put the settings at for it to work (I really should have written that down).  So I guess I will be starting over again when I have to make a buttonhole in the future…Oh well.

Other than my buttonhole ordeal, everything else went very well.  The pattern instructions were very easy to follow.  I think I’m going to like independent pattern companies better than commercial.

The only thing is that these are super low rise…I mean SUPER LOW.  I had done a lot of research before I made these and most people were saying the same thing.  So I knew I was probably going to have to add length to the top, which I absolutely did.  I added about 2 inches.

The other thing I did different was use elastic for the bottom casing.  I wanted the bottom to feel comfortable and not feel too tight but I still wanted the cute bows sticking out so I simply sewed pieces of the ribbon to the ends of the elastic, so that the ribbon would show but I would have the comfort of the elastic inside.

So all in all, I think these bloomers are a great project and I would definitely make another pair.

Ok I’m off to rest a little. Bye for now.


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