Super Easy Curtains

W_141031-_DSC0377We recently moved into a bigger place that had more windows than our old little, tiny apartment and for a while now, we were just using some sheets in place of curtains, so I finally got some cheap fabric and made curtains.
They are nothing special and were very easy to make.

First for each side I folded down the side once and ironed flat, then folded again and ironed flat.  I then sewed that down.

Next I did the top. I simply did the same thing but just making sure on the second fold there was about a 2.5 in. opening for the rod to go through.

Last, I put the curtains up on the rod facing the opposite way and using pins I pinned up the bottom to where I wanted the hem to be.  I then took them down and ironed the bottom flat.  Then I pulled the pins out and folded the fabric out, then folded the bottom up just below the crease I had just made and ironed the bottom creating the second crease.  Then I simply folded back up along the very first crease I had made and sewed down.  This allowed me to get the exact length I wanted which was just barely touching the floor.

It was super easy and I didn’t need a tutorial.  Sure back-tab lined curtains would have been amazing, but I wasn’t ready to take that on just yet.  However, I like how these turned out more than I thought I would so I am happy.
hand made curtainshand made curtains


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