A Coral Moneta

I recently completed this wonderful, silky Moneta that is perfect for summer.  The fabric is so soft and has the perfect drape for this dress.  I love the coral color for summer and I know I am going to get a ton of use out of this dress.

This isn’t my first Moneta.  Maybe I will get around one of these days of photographing the first one I made and post it here.  But I love this dress!  First off, I have to say that the Moneta pattern is probably my most favorite dress pattern of all!.  I love knit dresses because they are so comfortable, and this dress is so simple yet elegant that I can see myself only making these the rest of my life and being perfectly content with that.

This is an easy project.  The only thing that is a little difficult is shirring the skirt.  I think this could get a lot easier though as I get more practice with it, or at least I hope it does.

With my first Moneta, I used a twin needle for the hems, but I wasn’t too pleased with the results.  The threads on the sleeves popped with that dress and now it needs to be redone.  This time I decided to try a regular old zig zag stitch to hem and I have to say, I think I prefer it to the twin needle method.  It doesn’t look bad at all and it was much easier to do at that.  And I am all about making my sewing easier and more simple.


Pattern:  Moneta by Colette Patterns

Fabric:  A silky ITY jersey knit from Fabric.com

Version:  2

Size:  XS

Modifications:  Lengthened skirt a little.  Shortened bodice by 1 in.  Re-drafted back neckline higher.

What do you think?  Do you love Moneta’s as much as I do?

A Modified Sorbetto 

So I’ve got another Sorbetto made. I originally lengthened this pattern by about 3 inches already but I modified it a little more this time by taking out the curve at the waistline and just made a straight seam all the way down that flared out a bit at the bottom.  Also  I made the back neckline a little higher and took out the pleat down the middle.  I also chose to widen the high bust area a bit because my first sorbetto was just a little bit too tight there.

To do that I drew a vertical line that ran parallel to the fold line from the middle shoulder seam down, then a horizontal line perpendicular to that line a little below the arm hole at the side seam.  I cut out the L shape and brought it over 1/2 an inch.  I re-drew my shoulder seams and re-drew the side seams without the curve at the waistline, making it a little wider.  I did this for both the front and back pieces and for the front piece I cut out the dart and moved it over to meet up with the new seam.

I found that I really liked the results of doing this.  Widening the high bust area this way worked great because it didn’t mess with the dart at all.  That is the one thing I don’t like about doing a small bust adjustment.  It always makes the dart so small.  I think I am going to try this method again in the future for other tops or bodices.

I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this top.  Its a great tank for summer and I love the print.  It feels so much more comfortable than my other Sorbetto because its nice and roomy.

Pattern:  Sorbetto by Colette Patterns

Fabric:  a silk-like polyester fabric from Joann

Changes:  Lengthened by 3 inches, widened the high bust area, took the curve out of the waistline, took out the middle pleat, and made the back neckline higher.



Newlook 6262 Dress

Well guys, it’s been a long time!  I took a long break from blogging, which felt good and was much needed.  Now, I have decided to close down my Instagram account in an attempt to get social media out of my life and simplify more.  I’m not going to go into all the details about that decision here but I feel it is the right thing for me.  Now, the only social media account I have is Pinterest.

I was posting my recent makes on Instagram while I took a break from the blog and so now since I am closing that account, I decided to try putting my makes back up on the blog for a while and see how it goes for me.  Things will be a little different this time though.  I am planning on keeping it strictly to posts of what I’ve made and nothing else for a while.  I want to keep it simple so I can focus on the things I enjoy more in life, like creating.

This will be a trial run and I may one day decide to stop blogging altogether if it starts to become a negative thing in my life.  But I really would like to have some sort of platform to share my creations, document my progress, and inspire others.  So I’m giving it a go again.

This is my most recent creation: the Newlook 6262 dress.  It is a great little fit and flare dress that was very easy to make.  I love this version of it the best with the V-neckline and cap sleeves.IMG_7715IMG_7717IMG_7736IMG_7738IMG_7740IMG_7749

I was surprised with how comfortable this dress ended up being.  The material is thick and pretty stiff, which gives the skirt some structure and a lovely poof, and I thought that would make it feel a little uncomfortable, but surprisingly it wasn’t.

The bodice of this dress is a little loose and I probably would have liked it to be a bit more fitted but overall I really like this dress and would recommend it to others to make.


Pattern:  Newlook 6262 View C

Fabric:  Blue and Green Jacquard sportswear print from Joann Fabrics.

Size and Fitting:  I cut out a 14 at the bust and tapered down to a 12 at the waist for the bodice, then did a small bust adjustment.  Then I ended up taking in more on the sides because it was still too big.  I cut out a size 12 for the skirt.




I’m Quitting Capsule Wardrobes!

As the title says, I am quitting capsule wardrobes!  This may come as a surprise to some of you.  It certainly did to me, once I realized this is what I wanted to do.

First off, I would like to say that I have nothing against capsule wardrobes.  I think that it is a great tool for teaching you how to live with less, to understand your core style, and to appreciate quality over quantity.  It is difficult to appreciate those things until you have carefully planned a smaller versatile wardrobe and lived with it for a while.

I think that if one starts this process, falls in love with it, and wants to continue, they should by all means do that.  However, I feel I have learned what I needed to learn from this experience and now I need to move on.

Let me explain150922-0982


  1.  Living by principles rather than rules.

I want to stop thinking so much about how to live my life and actually start living it!  I don’t know if that makes any sense, but that is what I have been feeling as of lately and it has made me come to the conclusion that I do not want to follow by the “rules” of a capsule wardrobe for the rest of my life.

Granted, I learned a lot going by the rules, but living by those rules merely helped me to see the principles behind them.  For example, limiting the amount of clothes to a specific number (the rule) helped me to see that I don’t need that many clothes to have a wardrobe I am happy with (the principle).

Other principles I have learned are quality vs quantity, avoiding trends that are not my true style, having versatile pieces that all go together, learning to part with clothes that are worn out or not my style anymore, and the list goes on and on.

These principles have become a part of me and will effect my wardrobe decisions the rest of my life, regardless of the exact amount of items that I have. In my opinion the actual amount doesn’t really matter as long as every item is something that I love and wear all the time, that’s the most important thing I’ve learned in this process.

2.  Freedom to create and add items as I wish to.

Ideally doing a capsule wardrobe you should create your wardrobe before or at the start of  that season, which means planning, purchasing and making items almost in one fell swoop, so you are prepared and not shopping the rest of the season.  And while that is great in the beginning to help teach self-control, I feel that I have learned how to control my spending and don’t need that rule.  I’d much rather have the freedom to make things and shop as I feel the need to.  If I find an amazing piece that I have been needing, I don’t want to feel guilty for getting it nor do I want to feel rushed into making or buying new pieces.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I am going to be going on shopping, thrifting, or sewing splurges.  I must always work on exercising self-control and evaluate whether something is a need or a want, and whether it is a part of my core style.  But these are things that I have come to appreciate and have become a part of who I am so I don’t see myself having a huge issue with this.

I’m sure I will still make some shopping and sewing mistakes, but then again, I know I would even if I was doing an actual capsule wardrobe.  The important thing is to learn from those mistakes.

3.  Goal of an “all seasons” minimal wardrobe 

I am really not that into creating different wardrobes for different seasons.  It just doesn’t make sense to me and it feels a bit stressful.  In my mind, there is really only two seasons: Hot and Cold. Therefore, there are really only a few types of clothing that I don’t wear all year long, my winter coat, boots, my bathing suit and shorts for examples.  Everything else, could be worn all year.  Even sweaters and cardigans I wear all year because I get cold indoors easily.

I’d much rather have a versatile wardrobe that is appropriate for all seasons, with a few seasonal items that get mixed in during those times of the year.  Storing away perfectly good clothes that I could and want to wear all year long just doesn’t make sense to me.

Sure there are some items that I may store away, like heavy thick sweaters, heavy coats, tall boots; the things that I won’t  wear at all for half or more of the year.  But most of the things I own are things that I could wear all year long.

I actually don’t own many clothes at all anymore. I honestly probably have around 50 capsule wardrobe worthy items, all of which could fit in my closet quite comfortably.  Granted there are still things I’d like to add to my wardrobe but even then it wouldn’t be so much to make my closet seem out of control.

I prefer to see all my clothes right there in front of me.  It makes sense to use my closet to store my clothes, that is what it is meant for.  Why hide clothes out of site where they are just taking up space when they could actually be used? Clothes are meant to be worn and if I could wear most of my clothes all year then that is what I would like to do.


Now, that I have explained my reasons for quitting capsule wardrobes, I want you to know that I am still committed to having a minimalist wardrobe.  These are the principles that I am going to live by in order to continue on this minimalist journey, that perhaps, you may be interested in adopting too:

  • Pick items that you absolutely love. Before adding anything new to  your wardrobe, ask yourself “Do I love this?”  If there is any hesitation, then don’t; you obviously don’t love it.  If you have an item that you don’t love but fills a need, then focus on replacing that item with one you do love.
  • Focus on versatile pieces that can be worn all year. When adding new garments, pay attention to the fabric, style and color.  Is it something that works well with my other pieces and can be worn all year long?  Keep strictly seasonal items to a minimum and to what is appropriate for where you live.
  • Focus on quality.  Try to focus on clothes that are higher quality, that will last a long time and avoid things that are lower quality and would need to be replaced often.
  • Stick to your style.  Avoid trendy pieces that you may tire of quickly and instead stick to pieces that reflect your core style and make you feel confident.
  • Replace and donate.  When something gets worn out, replace it.  Don’t hang onto doubles of everything.  If you find something isn’t your style anymore, donate it.  Don’t let perfectly good clothing take up space in your closet if it isn’t being worn.

Like I said before, I have nothing against capsule wardrobes.  In fact, if you are trying to pair down your closet and are struggling with it, I would recommend doing a capsule wardrobe for a while as a tool to help you pair down.

However, I no longer enjoy doing capsule wardrobes and what I really want is to focus on having a versatile minimalist wardrobe, with pieces that I could pretty much wear all year.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you like capsule wardrobes, or do you like this idea of an “all seasons” minimalist wardrobe?

Oversize Maxi to Pleated Dress Refashion

B-150720 before and afterI certainly love sewing clothes from scratch.  Being able to create exactly what you want from the style to the fit to the fabric is such a wonderful thing.

However, let’s face it, fabric isn’t always cheap.  But what is great about knowing how to sew is that you can always take a cheap thrifted garment and use it to create something fresh and new.

Today’s refashion is a dress that I found at Goodwill.  I was drawn to the fabric.  I love stripes and blue is my favorite color but I also was drawn to the variety of stripes and colors in this particular dress.

Now this dress was huge and when I put it on I was drowning in stripes! But I knew I could try to turn it into something shorter and more fitted, so that is exactly what I set out to do and this is my final result.  What do you think?B-150720-0143 B-150720-0150 B-150720-0163 B-150720-0176

It would have been better if the skirt was a bit fuller for the pleats, but I think it still works.  You could also do this as a gathered skirt option too.

So here is what I did if you want to see! Continue reading

Mimi Blouse

I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally be back at my machine!  My machine was actually waiting for me as soon as we got back.  I had sold my machine in Ecuador for the same amount it cost brand new and bought myself a new one so that I didn’t have to travel back with it.

However, after we moved back, we were very busy trying to get settled in and I didn’t have any time for sewing.  And on top of that, I didn’t have a space to sew.  So one of the first things me and my hubby did was make a desk.  Well, my hubby did most of the work but I helped with the sanding and staining.

Once the desk was done, I got to sewing and the first garment I made was a Mimi blouse from Love At First Stitch.  I love how it turned out!

mimi blousemimi blousemimi blouse

This blouse sewed up like a dream.  It was the first project that I didn’t have to use my seam ripper as much for, which felt really good, as normally I am always making mistakes! I didn’t need to make any alterations or adjustments to it, which was also a huge plus, because I am terrible still at knowing how to adjust patterns.

And the best thing is, I got a serger! So now I can finally have nice finished seams on the inside of my garments.  See how pretty that looks!
mimi blouse

I was searching for the perfect buttons for this shirt and couldn’t find anything in my town.  Then, my mother showed me her stash of buttons and I found these beautiful ivory ones and I knew they would look perfect with this blouse.  I am so glad she let me have them!
mimi blouse


  • Pattern:  Mimi Blouse from Love At First Stitch
  • Materials:  Rayon fabric from Joann’s , old ivory buttons from my mom.
  • Size:  2
  • Adjustments:  None

I love this blouse.  I think it is a great  addition to my summer wardrobe and I particularly love how it looks with my chambray clemence skirt.  Now, on to my next project!

Summer Capsule 2015

I have my summer capsule wardrobe up and ready to show you all!  It still looks pretty similar to my last wardrobe but obviously it is a little more appropriate for the hot weather.

It is pretty slim pick-ins at the moment.  I made out with a total of 24 items.  I was hoping to have made some more items by now, but moving across seas and getting settled, amongst other things, has taken a toll on me and I haven’t been able to sew much.

However, I finally have my sewing machine up and running and  I will be adding more things in as I make them, so stay tuned as I add/replace some tops and I am hoping to be able to add a dress or two.  But it all just depends on what I will have time for.

I also might add in a pair of shoes or two if I happen to find anything I am in love with.  I am on the hunt for another pair of flat sandals.

However, even though this wardrobe is small, it should still be a sufficient amount.  I didn’t even use all the items in my last wardrobe as much as I thought I would.  So I know this will still be a good amount and will require me to get a little more creative when putting together an outfit.

So, here it is:

summer cap 2015Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2015

24 Items (and counting)

  • 9 Tops
  • 9 Bottoms
  • 1 Dress
  • 5 Shoes

Also, stay tuned for my “extras” and capsule combinations!


Spring Capsule Update

So moving from a colder environment to hot and humid Florida required that I adjust my current wardrobe a little.  I posted a picture on my Instagram account but decided I would give you all a proper view of what was added in.

At first, I thought that I only added 13 items, but I forgot about my Zinnia! How could I forget about my new Zinnia skirt?  I love that skirt! So I actually added 14 items.

Anyway, here are the items I added to my wardrobe:

  • 1 tank
  • 3 tees
  • 2 blouses
  • 1 light knit cardigan
  • 2 skirts
  • 2 shoes
  • 3 shorts

But I also removed and donated a few items.  Below you can see what I took out (orange X’s) and donated (grey X’s).  I basically removed items that would be way to warm for Florida this time of year and I donated a few items that I wasn’t wearing much or was looking worn.SPRING CAP 2015 update

A couple of items didn’t get worn very much, like my blue oxford shirt.  I found that I don’t like wearing that many button-up collared shirts.  One is good enough for me and I was always grabbing my beloved chambray instead of the blue oxford.

Also, there was no reason to have two medium wash jeans, one is enough.  I thought I would get more use out of the second pair but I didn’t.  They were a little too tight to begin with and super low-rise, and I have learned that I do not like low rise much anymore.

My taupe sweater and tan wedges were worn out so I decided to donate them.

And as for my lovely Delphine skirt, it was hard to part with but I decided that it would be best since it was something I didn’t think I would get too much use out of anymore as I really only felt comfortable wearing it with tights.

I will be starting my summer wardrobe soon (July), which will probably look pretty similar to what I have going on currently.  There are some things I would like to add and make/refashion for it but with the way things are going around here right now I may not get to it before July.

Well that’s all for now.  I am not making any promises at this moment on how often I will be updating here on the blog.  I’m kinda on a break, trying to settle back into life.  But I am planning on being around on Instagram so if you want to see what’s going on, check me out there.

Ok bye for now!